We are Paul and Loring Hammond, currently living near Tampa, Florida. Since 2016, we have been preparing to answer the call of God on our lives to “retire” (from secular work) and begin serving as missionaries to Honduras. Some of you know the story of “the call” and the miraculous confirmation – but that’s a story for another time – just ask!

The first question we are usually asked is “What is God calling you to do in Honduras?”

We believe that the answer to that will be multi-faceted.

It will include – but not be limited to – Worship Leader training and mentorship: This includes building relationships with pastors, because we believe that everything that happens within a church context should be worship, and the pastor of the church has the ultimate responsibility for that. He and the Worship Leader work together to lead the congregation in the worship that the Lord desires for that congregation.

Evangelism: Everyone is called to fulfill the Great Commission of sharing the Gospel message and discipling.

Passion Projects: We have other projects that we believe we will be involved in. We would like to come alongside other ministries as “hands and feet (and heart)” support when God directs us to. We have close relationships with several other ministries that are very focused on these needs, and we look forward to helping them in any way we can. These include Mercy Ministries: Loving on people and meeting their physical needs. Medical Outreach: Honduras has very limited medical care for the poor or hard to reach villages. Team Home Building: Our home church in Florida and other ministries that we love are building homes and ministry buildings in Central America. We would love to help facilitate teams from within and outside the US to do these construction projects.

Some things we’ve done around the world

Leading worship in churches and for conferences

Leading worship in Russia

We believe that a central focus of our calling is the training and mentoring of worship leaders.

Both Paul and Loring have decades of experience in Worship Ministry around the world.

We have a strong passion for cross-cultural and cross-denominational worship. We believe that worship can be life-changing for both individuals and congregations.

To that end, we have begun building relationships with Pastors – out of respect, and to build their trust for our heart, our experience and our biblical foundation.


Sharing the Gospel in Honduras

We believe that it is the responsibility of every Christian to share the good news of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will be a part of everything we do.

We have seen God move powerfully from drug rehab centers in Russia to the marketplace in Kenya to small rural churches in Honduras.

We have found that sometimes the simplest questions “‘Do you believe in Jesus? Would you like to give your life to Him?” is all it takes.

Mercy Ministry

Providing food and faith to Maasai widows in Tanzania

One of Loring’s passions is Mercy Ministries. She originally had to drag Paul along, but we have seen so many lives changed as we have shown people that God SEES them and that He LOVES them.

Together we have been able to minister to emotional and physical needs in Africa, Central America, Russia and the US.

This is our heart to continue at every opportunity.